Tuesday, 30 November 2010

On Line Marketing Why are some Big Companies awful at it

It looks very much like I will be looking for Freelance work very soon so I started to look around at a few prospective clients local to me in South Wales.

The more I looked the more my jaw dropped. There are some serious furniture companies which are doing themselves zero favours when it comes to on line marketing.

As an example lets look at Leekes, this is a out of town department store in the South Wales area and they have a lot of brand equity. One part of their offer is furniture and one of their largest stores is in Carmarthen.

Yet you search for Carmarthen Furniture in Google and where do Leekes appear? No where. There is a simple fix is to add them to Google places but even if they did that they are not appearing in the first page of organic results, they should be No.1.

If you look at their website it quickly becomes apparent why.....

It doesn't end there though lets move up a division to a national retailer namely Harveys, type Bedroom Furniture into Google and Harveys are no where, look at their website and again there is no surprise.

Basic errors corrected easily, the bottom line though is that I think I should be ok to get freelance work should the need arise.

In the Leekes example I suspect I could double traffic to their website by just making a few basic changes. Harveys Furniture and the sky is literally the limit.

Maybe this is limited to furniture as it is an industry that is late to mature in internet terms.

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