Thursday, 18 November 2010

Online Marketing Practical Walkthrough

One of my favourite pastimes is Football Manager or to be more exact Online Football Manager or to be even more exact Football Manager Live.

Some debate in the community around marketing so I thought I would try to help using Hitwise.

So 'online Football Manager' is quite high in that list, they have not typed 'Football Manager 2010' you would assume that there are aware of the franchise and are looking for an online version.

I do not think that is a stretch. So first of all who gets this traffic now?

NOT the company that provides the actual service.

Does it matter?

This is being benchmarked against the term 'Oak Furniture' to get to No.1 in sponsored search for this term costs around £2.50 a click and you can expect at that rate to spend £10,000 a week to stay there.

For FML to get to No.1 for 'online football manager' they would need to change their title tag on their homepage. I would even consider changing it to 'Online Football Manager', add some content containing the words 'online football manager' and then getting some backlinks exactly like I have done at the top of the post.

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