Friday, 22 July 2011

Google Adwords Editor

It has to be said the Google Adwords Editor is pure genius. I have just finished the first draft of an account with 70 Ad Groups with 4 Keywords in each account with two ad variations in an hour.

I did consider trying Microsoft Bings effort and it seems that I need to install a dumbed down version of their SQL server, good grief Microsoft you are bloat-ware defined.

Anyway the Adwords Editor is amongst the very best software I ever used so Download Adwords Editor if you have a serious intention of doing anything in Ad Words.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Work In Progress: Save On New Cars

Over the last few months in partnership with OMG Web Marketing I have been working on a website that sells cars. After the initial meeting where we sketched out a few ideas the client commissioned us to come up with a new design and ultimately manage the PPC for the site.
Old Save On New Website
New Save On New Website
Click on the images to enlarge, I think it is pretty much self explanatory what I was trying to do. It is not that the old site was terrible but it needed to be updated.

Overall there are clearer navigation through the site, cleaner fresh look, video does not autoplay, cleaned up url structure, better title tags, better meta descriptions. Cleaner Check out page, optimise use of space above the fold.

Those are just some of the highlights. This is due to go live within the week and than it is onto setting up and managing the Google Adwords spend for the website.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Google Certified

My wife says I should have been 'certified' a long time ago however I took the second exam today and now can claim to be Google certified.

Over the last six years or I have gone from being naive to fully seeing and understanding the power of PPC marketing. I do not feel any shame in admitting being naive a few years ago you can always learn something new.

On the topic of learning I was surprised after studying for the exam. Despite doing PPC for a long time now maintaining a lot of accounts and managing a lot of cash actually studying for the exam did help quite a lot.

Google continually come up with new tools and ideas to allow you to better measure and target your adverts and there were a few subtle reports that I have not yet utilised.

They were not game changers by any means but anything that improves my service is a good thing in my eyes!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Googles Search Partners Disappointing

One account I deal with was experiencing disappointing ROI overall. After breaking down the search partner results it was obvious where the issue was coming Google search partners.

I would swear that Search Partners were once the likes of AOL and ASK now some competitors appear. For example Furniture by CSN we would classify as a competitor at worst an affiliate at best, it is simply not the same as a consumer typing in 'Oak Furniture' to a search engine looking for Oak Furniture.

Clearly these are two different types of PPC, one is direct marketing the other more 'old school advertising'. I'm not claiming the traffic is worthless by is different and found it disappointing to see Google classify at the same thing.

On a more positive note compared to Yahoo or Bing the volume of traffic in Google just means that there is only really one player. Looking at the time I spend in Bing or Yahoo I'd be better advised to spend the time improving campaigns in Google.

Next time I'm going to comment on a post I found which gives an indication of Quality Score.

Free Web Marketing Over

Way too busy now to take on more clients on the Free Offer basis. Its been really busy past few months and I'm neglecting this site so will update a lot more.