Saturday, 16 July 2011

Google Certified

My wife says I should have been 'certified' a long time ago however I took the second exam today and now can claim to be Google certified.

Over the last six years or I have gone from being naive to fully seeing and understanding the power of PPC marketing. I do not feel any shame in admitting being naive a few years ago you can always learn something new.

On the topic of learning I was surprised after studying for the exam. Despite doing PPC for a long time now maintaining a lot of accounts and managing a lot of cash actually studying for the exam did help quite a lot.

Google continually come up with new tools and ideas to allow you to better measure and target your adverts and there were a few subtle reports that I have not yet utilised.

They were not game changers by any means but anything that improves my service is a good thing in my eyes!

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