Monday, 18 July 2011

Work In Progress: Save On New Cars

Over the last few months in partnership with OMG Web Marketing I have been working on a website that sells cars. After the initial meeting where we sketched out a few ideas the client commissioned us to come up with a new design and ultimately manage the PPC for the site.
Old Save On New Website
New Save On New Website
Click on the images to enlarge, I think it is pretty much self explanatory what I was trying to do. It is not that the old site was terrible but it needed to be updated.

Overall there are clearer navigation through the site, cleaner fresh look, video does not autoplay, cleaned up url structure, better title tags, better meta descriptions. Cleaner Check out page, optimise use of space above the fold.

Those are just some of the highlights. This is due to go live within the week and than it is onto setting up and managing the Google Adwords spend for the website.

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