Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Brand Bidding War

I have to be honest I do tend to be very aggressive when it comes to brand bidding. This is something that recently came up for legal Review in the Interflora v Marks & Spencers legal case.

I do tend to find competitors bidding on companies that I represent for example they bid on "oakfurnitureland" which is fine, they have to realise though that if they play with fire you get burnt.

If they do this I then go after every search term that drives traffic to their site. I feel a bit like Gary Oldman in the scene from Leon, bid on everything, EVERYTHING! Well not quite but you get my drift, in case you cannot remember here is the scene:-

So generally I would warn companies against going up against big competitors that closely watch the internet.

Friday, 2 December 2011

AdWords On the Up

All retailers I currently work for are on the up! Which is great news for everyone, well maybe not everyone, the competition would not be delighted. Business has to come from somewhere though.

I think the biggest surprise of late has been the differing time lags in various markets. For example in furniture the time lag seems to go run at around 45 days whereas in a lower ticket items like Shaving the time lag is mostly close to one day.

When you look at the data then on the face it the time lag for furniture is quite short however be mindful that the cookie only lasts for 30 days on Google Analytics. Subsequently the mass of conversions on 0 days is likely to be those that have been on the days more than 30 days ago.

It certainly worth bearing this in mind when looking at this data, especially for higher ticket items. We reached this conclusion after seeing no tail off in the number of conversions as we got to the 30 day period.

The high conversions at 0 day was counter intuitive