Monday, 31 December 2012

Bing to Overtake Google

In the UK Google has been the dominant player in terms of search for some time is this something that is going to change?

I suspect in terms of actual searches then Google will remain dominant however in terms of SEO unless your big business then I think you can forget Google. As you may or may not be aware I would consider myself as a PPC specialist but in terms of furniture and PPC it is a niche I have some track record in.

Lets take a look at searching for Ikea in Google this is what you get:-

Now lets us look at Bing;-

Ok so Wiki isn't a competitor but at least it is independent, are Google just slaves of the big corporations now, matter of time until the consumer gets this. Once this happens Google ceases to be cool or "out there" and they will drift of the radar. Google you are losing it as you search for big profits you are in danger of losing what made you great in the first place!

I can be something of a maverick but in my mind the results should contain Ikea at the top and then nine alternatives to Ikea, currently Google results look like an Ikea PR exercises.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Google Shopping

Just a little whisper Google Shopping is going commercial and will no longer be free! Isn't it strange that the Panda updates killed price comparison sites and then a short time later Google becomes one.

Maybe I'm a cynic but I'm not the only one....

Also heard that Search Re-Marketing is coming, I don't think this has been thought through Google are talking about these searches being worth more but to many advertisers they are worth less. Let me give you an example I have a client that has a high conversion rate and short time lag. They bid on 'cheap widgets' the consumer either converts or it doesn't on that visit, if the searcher doesn't find what they are after they continue to search.

So this sort of offer has a short time lag conversion, i.e. click hits the site and it will convert on that visit. This second search is worth less not more, they have already visited my clients site they didn't convert a second visit is not more likely to convert but less, we have made our pitch to them and they are still searching.

Despite my cynicism compared to other forms of advertising Pay Per Click for business is an easy sell you just cannot get comparable returns from other forms of advertising.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Search Partners Optimisation

We have written a lot about the issue with Search Partners on Google Adwords search. Just to clarify there are two types of Search partner, the first is the likes of AOL / Sky (genuine searches) and the second is the likes of (content type searches).

We are not going to go over again the issue with these searches the issue is that you can't pick them. So essentially what we want is to pay genuine searches but exclude content type searches. Three tips to facilitate this from a campaign:-

  1. Duplicate Campaign Tag New campaign with something apt, e.g. Widgets SP
  2. Turn Off Search Partners on Original campaign
  3. Drop bids by 50% on SP campaign
Do not bid on broad terms turn everything to exact. To find new terms use the original campaign. On an ongoing basis look for any terms with a low click through rate (CTR) consider either dropping bids on these terms or pause them.

A low CTR suggests that the queries are content type searches.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Adwords Postional Targetting Software

We have posted previously on how we have deveopled a system which targets position. Using the software you are able to target a position by Ad Group. Keyword Data is downloaded and checked against its target.

Lets take an example say you are bidding on widgets and the costs for positions netts out as follows
  • Position 1: £2
  • Position 2: £1
  • Position 3: 50p
  • Position 4: 25p
  • Position 5: 10p

After looking at past keyword performance you will find that CPA goes down with position. So you can secure business for widgets but to get one sale in Position costs you £20, position £10 etc.

It is econmicially viable to get bsuiness at £10 so you set the positional target on the keyword widgets at position 2.

Crudely the system then tweaks your bid to be in that position, you can of course do this manually but doing it for 500,000 terms is not practical and ultimatley hits your bottom line in management fees.

Here is a client we started with in August:-

Took some time to get going and oddly found with this client their conversion rates were actually higher in positions 3/4 as opposed to 1 and 2. Combine this with a lower CPC and adwords is now very lucrative!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Different Marketing Strokes

I have worked in webvertising (new word i learnt there) for many years, mainly in the furniture industry, recently a wider experiance has opened my eyes a little.

The search partner network does not deliver value in one sector but in another it is the main source of revenue! I have come to the conclusion it depends on the busines.

Something with a high ticket price is often well researched by a consumer so their not going to come across an advert on and almost casually browse to a ite and buy goods worth thousands of pounds. If something is a few pounds then a casual conversion is more likely.

This is not the full story though you also have to factor in the likely demogrpahic that is going to be interested in the product that you are selling. So an advert for a car is going to have a bigger demograhic then a motorbike.

Even that is not the full story how often does that demographic buy is the final peice of the jigsaw. For example I think about buying a new car every few monthes I think about buying a new dining table once every twenty years!

This is not to say that I'm still begging Google for more control of their Search Partner Network. A click from is not worth the same as a click from AOL search.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Internet marketing, PPC and Coaching

Recently I have seen an increase in the amount of searches where business owners are looking for coaching. I think this is a smart move by business managers increasingly if you are better at Internet Marketing than the competition then you are going to get ahead very quickly.

It is all very well employing the services of a PPC consultant who know how google PPC works but can we ever really understand every nuance of a sector. Working in partnership with the owner of a business simply results in a much better strategy.

So if this is of interest then as ever use our contact us page or simply Ring 07976 925 732.

Friday, 27 July 2012

No More Furniture Enquiries Please

I can only work in one sector on PPC, would be unethical to do otherwise, I'm committed in Furniture currently so if you are a furniture store or shop I'm afraid I will not be able to help.

Adwords Position Targeting Software

As ever like to keep an eye on Industry News and a work colleague noticed this article on Search engine Land, to save you a long look I'll summarise going for top postion is going to cost a whole load of money for very little gain!

This ties in rather neatly with what I have been working on for the last few months, my biggest customer the mighty Oak Furniture Land have been playing around with positional targets and I think I have now come up with a system that nails it.

I will not bore you with the details here but basically we look at a range of terms and then adjust bids en masse to target by position. The ROI on position 2-3 is shall we say very cost effective. Its a system that can be run on any PC and is very cheap cost effective Adwords Software.

Drop us a line if you are interested.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Affiliate Marketing Dirty Little Secrets

I have dabbled in affiliate marketing from both sides of the fence and no one seems to be talking about how dirty it all is. In theory of course it should work out great.

Affiliate Marketing What is it?
Let do a brief recap on what is affiliate marketing. Person A has a website that gets traffic for the same demographic as the customers of Company X products, they advertise on the site and get paid a commission on the sales.

There are a few issues that instantly pop up though the first is how many consumers act like that? They might well click an advert that interests them but if they do not decide buy there and then the commission will be lost, for high ticket items which will carry large amounts of commission the time lag (amount of days from first visit to order) is longer.

The single biggest issue though is PPC (Pay Per Click). Terms that convert will be brand terms, example for Orange I have no doubt [mobile phone deals] does not convert as well as [orange mobile shop]. Once you set up an affiliate program affiliates will be able to use PPC to bid on terms.

These affiliates are not going to waste time or money building a brand, all they are interested in is the commission. So as a company you could literally spend millions building a brand and then have to pay commission to affiliates.

It like a dirty little secret that no one wants to address, the worse of it is yet to come. Google seem to be complicit in all this you bid big branded terms that were penny clicks but now there is competition amongst affiliates for this traffic, competition for clicks drives up the CPC this drives up Google's revenue.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Microsoft and Yahoo Merge, Search Partners Google

Well the merge of the two advertising platforms is due to go ahead in the UK soon. I think it will work out well mainly because current the volumes of traffic mean that working in Google Adwords is always a more cost effective us of time.

Shall I spend time tweaking bids for 60% of my traffic or 3% there is only going to be one winner and given that Adwords represents 60% of traffic then it is Adwords that wins out.

However after AC and YSM merge then the balance will be 60% to 6% so it is worth covering the major terms and spending a little more time optimising.

Still frustrated not being able to control Search Partners in Adwords though, currently we are still seeing the likes of AOL and Furniture by CSN chucked together, i.e. they are both Search Partners. One is high quality fully qualified traffic the other is not. As it is we tend to not bother with either so advertiser loses, Google loses and AOL loses.

Come on a lose, lose, lose situation is not good business is it?