Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Microsoft and Yahoo Merge, Search Partners Google

Well the merge of the two advertising platforms is due to go ahead in the UK soon. I think it will work out well mainly because current the volumes of traffic mean that working in Google Adwords is always a more cost effective us of time.

Shall I spend time tweaking bids for 60% of my traffic or 3% there is only going to be one winner and given that Adwords represents 60% of traffic then it is Adwords that wins out.

However after AC and YSM merge then the balance will be 60% to 6% so it is worth covering the major terms and spending a little more time optimising.

Still frustrated not being able to control Search Partners in Adwords though, currently we are still seeing the likes of AOL and Furniture by CSN chucked together, i.e. they are both Search Partners. One is high quality fully qualified traffic the other is not. As it is we tend to not bother with either so advertiser loses, Google loses and AOL loses.

Come on a lose, lose, lose situation is not good business is it?