Sunday, 23 September 2012

Different Marketing Strokes

I have worked in webvertising (new word i learnt there) for many years, mainly in the furniture industry, recently a wider experiance has opened my eyes a little.

The search partner network does not deliver value in one sector but in another it is the main source of revenue! I have come to the conclusion it depends on the busines.

Something with a high ticket price is often well researched by a consumer so their not going to come across an advert on and almost casually browse to a ite and buy goods worth thousands of pounds. If something is a few pounds then a casual conversion is more likely.

This is not the full story though you also have to factor in the likely demogrpahic that is going to be interested in the product that you are selling. So an advert for a car is going to have a bigger demograhic then a motorbike.

Even that is not the full story how often does that demographic buy is the final peice of the jigsaw. For example I think about buying a new car every few monthes I think about buying a new dining table once every twenty years!

This is not to say that I'm still begging Google for more control of their Search Partner Network. A click from is not worth the same as a click from AOL search.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Internet marketing, PPC and Coaching

Recently I have seen an increase in the amount of searches where business owners are looking for coaching. I think this is a smart move by business managers increasingly if you are better at Internet Marketing than the competition then you are going to get ahead very quickly.

It is all very well employing the services of a PPC consultant who know how google PPC works but can we ever really understand every nuance of a sector. Working in partnership with the owner of a business simply results in a much better strategy.

So if this is of interest then as ever use our contact us page or simply Ring 07976 925 732.