Friday, 14 December 2012

Google Shopping

Just a little whisper Google Shopping is going commercial and will no longer be free! Isn't it strange that the Panda updates killed price comparison sites and then a short time later Google becomes one.

Maybe I'm a cynic but I'm not the only one....

Also heard that Search Re-Marketing is coming, I don't think this has been thought through Google are talking about these searches being worth more but to many advertisers they are worth less. Let me give you an example I have a client that has a high conversion rate and short time lag. They bid on 'cheap widgets' the consumer either converts or it doesn't on that visit, if the searcher doesn't find what they are after they continue to search.

So this sort of offer has a short time lag conversion, i.e. click hits the site and it will convert on that visit. This second search is worth less not more, they have already visited my clients site they didn't convert a second visit is not more likely to convert but less, we have made our pitch to them and they are still searching.

Despite my cynicism compared to other forms of advertising Pay Per Click for business is an easy sell you just cannot get comparable returns from other forms of advertising.


  1. i disagree on your analysis of search re-marketing .... surely on the second search the search is becoming more refined, and much more likely to produce a conversion, and subsequently is clearly worth more.

  2. Yes and no :)

    It depends high ticket items such as furniture, sofas and cars have a long time lag, e.g consumer starts looking and might not actually purchase for 5/7 days. A low ticket item would normally have short time lag, maybe needs further explaining will do another post.

    thanks for feedback though got me thinking just had another idea on it!

  3. i've had another thought on this as well .... and my thinking is that the more iterations of a search that occur by a searcher, not only is the searcher refining their search with each iteration(as i've already suggested), but also the more iterations of a search that a searcher does maybe indicate their level of intent on finding the object of their search, which probably also gives an indication of their intent to buy at the same time ? (if their search is product/service based) So again i think i'd argue that the latter iterations are of greater value than the former.