Friday, 7 December 2012

Search Partners Optimisation

We have written a lot about the issue with Search Partners on Google Adwords search. Just to clarify there are two types of Search partner, the first is the likes of AOL / Sky (genuine searches) and the second is the likes of (content type searches).

We are not going to go over again the issue with these searches the issue is that you can't pick them. So essentially what we want is to pay genuine searches but exclude content type searches. Three tips to facilitate this from a campaign:-

  1. Duplicate Campaign Tag New campaign with something apt, e.g. Widgets SP
  2. Turn Off Search Partners on Original campaign
  3. Drop bids by 50% on SP campaign
Do not bid on broad terms turn everything to exact. To find new terms use the original campaign. On an ongoing basis look for any terms with a low click through rate (CTR) consider either dropping bids on these terms or pause them.

A low CTR suggests that the queries are content type searches.

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