Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Man is keeping you down

Big Business Scores Big
In the sector I work I have noticed that recently "the man" has had a big boost, when I say the man I mean it in the urban slang way of course. :)

Take for example a highly competitive search term like Bedroom Furniture, for all the years I have been working in PPC / SEO this much prized phrase has been fought over with an eclectic mix of companies from small independents to big business.

Take a look at the screenshot on the right, not one independent features. It would appear if you are a small independent your only option now to market your company on this phrase is to move to PPC.

This seems an odd strategy, small independents don't have big budgets to chuck at PPC especially in this economy. If you arw a big business you can make your shareholders very happy!

Seems very strange the top ranking company Tesco, their bedroom furniture page is a page of pictures! Just the sort of thing Google tell you not to do.

I would have expected that organic results should be information and paid search is commercial. Now it is just commercial, has Google now become "the man", sad times if so!

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