Monday, 28 January 2013

Writing Good Ad Copy

Here is a bad example of an advert!

Just a quick post this spotted this advert (pictured left) on a site I frequent something has seriously gone wrong. I do work in furniture sector on PPC and I can only think someone somewhere has tried to automate a little too much.

Writing good ad copy is vital to the success of an adwords campaign, you and your competitor are going for the same keyword and if you can tip the Quality score ever so slightly in your favour then it can pay big dividends.

What you should be looking for is clear concise adverts that read easily, understanding the USP of the product you are selling is critical. 

Just a quick reminder I normally form Ads on the "What, Why, When" principle example:

  • Solid Oak Furniture <- What
  • Stunning Quality Best UK Prices <- Why
  • Now Available for Free delivery <- when
Sometimes switching to "What, When Why" in some sectors this works well.

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