Monday, 20 May 2013

Search Retargeting

I think almost out of beta is Google Search Retargeting I'm still of the opinion that eventually this traffic will be proven to be worth less in some cases. Google still seems to think it will be worth more, time will tell.

Just to recap lets say your company sells 'blue widgets' and a consumer types in 'white widgets', maybe you can persuade them to buy 'blue widgets' in lieu of white. So they click your advert then later they type 'white widgets' again.

Well you've made your pitch and clearly did not succeed (inferred from the fact they are still searching) so you don't want them landing on your page again!

In other news it is great to see OFL get some recognition in the mainstream press, the telegraph recently interviewed the founder. I think its a great story of how a company powered by advertising online can bring great results for a 'bricks and mortar' business, of course it is not just about the internet the offer has to be right.

Anyway here is a direct link to the Oak Furniture Land Telegraph feature.

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