Tuesday, 28 May 2013

SEO Penguin 2.0 Impact

I like to keep an eye on the furniture industry and rankings and have gone into a little detail before over one of the big volume terms in this sector, namely "bedroom furniture".

I previously looked at this in my post Man Keeping you down but I wanted to dig a little less tongue in cheek into this term.

The headline here on is the massive change since Panda / Penguin, this space was mainly fought over by independents and a few SEO savvy 'B' List brands.

Now it is 'A' list brands only, the really strange thing is most of the sites in terms of SEO are awful. the Next Bedroom Furniture page has content way below the fold.

As far as I can see Tesco has no content and all of these have very generic Titles & Meta Descriptions. So why do they rank so high, I can think of three hypotheses.

  1. Conspiracy - Unlikely but all the SEO savvy companies have been given penalties by Google to allow the big brands to dominate.
  2. Bounce Rate - Possible would a consumer be more likely to engage with a brand they recognise.
  3. Click Through Rate - Same principle as (1) a consumer is more likely to click a big brand name.

We will look at this in more detail in our next update.

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