About Us

Well I suppose I could just post my CV, the company is not ICI, just me! So something of my history, I started out as a Pipe Fitter in Trostre Steelworks and now work as an Internet Marketing Consultant that journey has been interesting to say the least.

Sales Background
The first step away from being a Pipe Fitter was into Sales selling Pipes for a company that ultimately got taken over by Pipeline Centre (part of the Wolseley Group), over the next ten years and a number of promotions to Area Management level I then went of to start my own Computer Shop.

Computer Shop
A few years earlier I was quite a competent coder in the language BASIC and moving back to into IT was an ambition I wanted to pursue. So having nearly completed an Open University degree in this subject I started my own shop. Not this MP Comp but this one.

It became apparent that to earn a decent living I would be better providing IT Support to small local companies and for the next few years that is exactly what I did.

Internet Marketing
One of my customers was Right Price Furniture and it was there that I started Internet Marketing and took up a full time position as Marketing Director. I think Internet Marketing is not quite the right phrase as I was drawing on my sales background more than anything else. Ultimately I was responsible for getting the website to sell or 'convert' to turn that into Google speak.

Freelance Internet Marketing
After a fire at a distribution centre the website got taken over by Oak Furniture Land and I now Freelance for them mainly on their Google Adwords campaigns.

The Future
After experiencing first hand the rise of the internet and impact of ecommerce on a business and seeing the massive potential realised I have come to understand this is where the future for most types of business lies.

So there must be demand for local South Wales companies to need help in this area. So this is what I offer from training of staff, website development, help with Google Adwords, internet marketing consulting, to companies based in and around Swansea and Cardiff.

The overall aim is to help my customers sell their products online.