Adwords Help

At the time of writing I'm managing a spend somewhere in the region of £2m a year on Google PPC. Yahoo and Bing are of course much less than that, which is relative to their market share.

Knowledge of PPC and a Background in Sales
Learning the most effective way to take advantage of PPC marketing takes a lot of time and experience. As we have many years experianace managing some very big accounts we can instantly get you best value for your investment.

With a long history working in a competitive sales environment we are able to quickly recognise our customers USP (unique selling point) and make sure we are not only getting that message across but also bidding on the best possible search terms.

Sales Undervalued!
There are a lot of advertising agencies out there that know Pay Per Click and some even have qualifications in marketing. What customers often want from Pay Per Click is conversions or sales, the skill and art of the sales is often undervalued when looking for a PPC consultant.

Track Record
Managing a furniture PPC campaign (one of the biggest in the UK) we were able to deliver a better CPC, a higher CTR and a better ROI then the industry average by some margin!

Here is a screen shot of our performance report from 09.

Recently I have been working on another account here is a June 2011 and June 2011 comparison.

PPC Google June 2010 / June 2011
  • Spend £86,000 / £82,000
  • Clicks 116,000 / 171,000
  • CPC £0.74 / £0.48
  • Direct Sales £633,000 / £820,000

I have a love of stats I know that sounds geeky but I find the Google Adwords Quality Score, bid and Adrank a fascinating mix. which is just as well given how much time I spend contemplating these things.

This is possibly the best video I have seen explaining the process I find it very... elegant.