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Here are typical prices for our websites:-
Basic Website cost £50 - £250
A website that would be around five pages in size, on custom domain (e.g., with some Email facility ( Typically this would include a front page highlighting what the company does, a contact us page, customer testimonials, photos of work.

Despite being simple and it can be a very effective website for the right business.

Software used is often Wordpress, hosted on one of our servers.
E-commerce Site cost £1000+
A site that would include a secure online payment system and have an unlimited amount of pages. This would also include many email address on the company's domain. Dependant upon how mission critical this is but consideration needs to be given to backing the website up and how quickly the site can be recovered in the case of emergency.

Website Design, Online Advertising and Marketing Consultants

You need to very clear in your own mind what your realistic objectives are when looking at a new website design.

I know this might sound odd but I have met an awful lot of customers that clearly have not given this much thought.

For example a plumbing company offering a plumbing service to a goegraphical area of say 20 miles were ready to spend a few thousand pounds on a website. Their demographic was small and they wanted to advertise if someone typed into Google 'Plumber Swansea' and variants thereof.

Now just think this through the customer needed to get across that they were a Plumber in Swansea, their Telephone number, a few testimonials, a few photos of previous work. That is a few pages at most and should cost around £50 to £100 initially and if they find it works well spend a little more on design and marketing.

Website Designers

The reason for explaining this is to differentiate a designer from a website design company. We are interested in a long term relationship with our customers and often we would contract out the building of a website.

As consultants our loyalty should lie with the client and not trying to sell the most expensive solution. Smaller sites we would do in house as it would simply be the most cost effective solution.