SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Although my background from a technical point of view is mainly in hardware and software, if you like the traditional IT Support disciplines, in recent years SEO has become an area that I've become quite knowledgeable on. So much so that a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant is a vital part of our service.

So how do you Optimise a web site for Search Engines?

In a nutshell content is king, if you have a website that people want to read or see then your well on your way. However there are things you can do to make pages more visible to the likes of Google, Yahoo etc.

Lets take one thing in isolation, namely links. Say you offer a service for example Mexican Pine Furniture and you create a page called Mexican Pine Furniture, the purpose of this page is to advise potential customers on your service.

A total no no would be to link in HTML like this
'We offer a great Mexican Pine Furniture and details can be found <a href="">here</a>.
This is what is looks like:-

'We offer a great Mexican Pine Furniture and details can be found here.'

The correct way to do it would be to do it like this

'We offer great <a href="">Mexican Pine Furniture</a>'

and this is how it looks.
'We offer great Mexican Pine Furniture'

So what's the big deal with that difference in the anchor text?

Well when the search engine bot arrives on your site the anchor text plays a large part in informing the Search Engine what that page is about, so in the first example your saying the page is about 'here' and in the second example it's about 'Mexican Pine Furniture'.

There are many more ways to help your site get indexed by search engines and it's perfectly acceptable to do. I won't go into the finer details now.

Beware of SEO experts offering guaranteed potions in search results, there are ways to do this but they are frowned upon by Google and can even result in your site getting blacklisted.

What I can offer is simplicity, I'm not into contracts or 'deals' I work on a freelance hourly basis, you like what I do you call me back if not, then don't call me back.